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Brett's ACW Books Site Overhaul

I decided recently that my American Civil War Books site, essentially my Civil War book collection with my opinions attached and links to Amazon.com and other web sites that sell the books, badly needs a makeover. My non-ACW book collection site and my movie collection site both have a page for every item. This works well on several levels. First, it allows search engines such as Google to show a link to that specific page when users are searching for a specific book rather than just typing in "wilderness campaign" or "gettysburg". Second, I (and I'm sure other users) find it much easier to navigate around one of my campaign or battle pages using this method rather than looking down a long list of books that includes the individual comments. Third, it simply looks cleaner. For a comparison of the new and old methods, check out my Bull Run and Atlanta Campaign pages, respectively. Within a few days of writing this, I hope to have all of the pages converted, but it will definitely be a time-consuming task.