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STAB, Glory III, Red Badge of Courage, and Guilford

Today I preordered several board games and purchaed one on the Civil War and one on the American Revolution as well. The first Civil War game is Strike Them A Blow, a Civil War Brigade Series game focusing on the fight between Lee and Grant at the North Anna River and published by Multiman Publishing. I covered this game in an earlier post. The second game is Glory III: The Battles of Antietam and Cedar Creek designed by legendary ACW board game designer Richard Berg and published by GMT Games. The third game (found on eBay shrinkwrapped for only $30) is GMT's Red Badge of Courage. This game is the latest in Berg's Great Battles of the American Civil War series (GBACW). The Glory system is apparently different than the GBACW series, for which Berg is better known. Since I've never played a game designed by Berg, I'd love to hear from those of you experienced in these games. I'd like to know what you consider the key differences between the two series.

EDIT: I didn't realize that a key difference is that the Glory system is brigade based while the GBACW system is regiment based. Red Badge of courage is a monster, but not nearly as big as the Gettysburg and Chickamauga games in this series!

And lastly, and only tenuously linked to Civil War gaming, I picked up GMT's Guilford, covering the battles of Guilford Courthouse and Eutaw Springs, because it was on sale for only $20. I'd also like to hear form anyone who has played GMT's American Revolution games. In fact, for those board gamers among you, I would highly recommend heading over to GMT's web site before December 31, 2005. Guilford is not the only game on sale, with Glory II: Across the Rappahannock being another title and only one of many.