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Matrix Games Announces Battleground and Campaign Series Plans

Pulled directly from Matrix Games, here is a news announcement focusing on the Battleground and Campaign Series games from Talonsoft:

Plans for Award-Winning Series Include Update From Original Developer

Matrix Games is pleased to announce its plans for the recently acquired publishing right for the Talonsoft Battleground and Campaign series.

The Battleground series includes nine titles ranging from the Ardennes and Gettysburg to Waterloo and Chickamauga and has been inducted in its entirety into the Computer Gaming World Hall of Fame. The Campaign series also included nine titles, starting with East Front and West Front and ending with Rising Sun and Divided Ground.

Matrix Games has reached an agreement with the original developer of these titles, John Tiller, to assist in updating each game to the most recent version to assure full compatibility with the latest Windows XP systems and DirectX. Matrix Games plans to publish an updated version of the full Battleground and Campaign series games, including some fixes and tweaks for issues that have become known since their original release.

David Heath, Director of Operations at Matrix Games, said, “The Battleground games originally launched Talonsoft to success and earned legions of fans. For simulation of 19th Century warfare, many of these designs have not been surpassed to date. We are very excited that John Tiller has agreed to assist and advise us on this project to make sure that the updated versions will run on the latest systems and include some great improvements.”

Matrix Games plans to release further information in the near future on update and publishing plans and schedules for these titles.