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Welcome to Johnny Whitewater

Another guest blogger, Johnny Whitewater, a reader of this blog, has agreed to pitch in with the occasional post. If you see a post by "Johnny Whitewater", obviously you'll know it's Johnny's. He runs his own (non-Civil War) blog in his spare time. Mr. Whitewater is no amateur, having graduated with a Bachelor's degree in History. Johnny's interest in historiography is especially intriguing to me in that he will often come at things from that perspective, while I'll almost always come at you from the view of a wargamer interested in tactical studies. I look forward to this blogging veteran's posts in the future. I've already read his first entry (on Rafuse's McClellan book) and it looks like he'll add a lot of solid content.

Here's Johnny in his own words:
I graduated with a BA in history (American History emphasis) this past Spring and am currently preparing applications for law schools for Fall 06. I'd do my own Civil War based site if I had the time to update it consistently, but I doubt that will be the case anytime soon.

I have read about 50 Civil War narratives in the past 15 months and for graduation wrote a lengthy paper analyzing Civil War historiographical trends and how they influenced and were influenced by public perception, using Forrest as a case study. So while I'm familiar enough with the standard military history, I'm more keen on memory studies and historiography, which I don't think get enough coverage in books or online.