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"Back-to-Back Books": Chantilly

Now that I've finished He Hath Loosed the Fateful Lightning, I'll be moving on to David Welker's Tempest at Ox Hill. Unlike Taylor's book, I have read Welker's at a prior date. It has been awhile, but I know for a fact that it compares favorably to Taylor's book. I've got a busy few weeks ahead of me with several weddings to attend, but I think I should have Welker's book finished over the next two weeks or so worst case. As always, feel free to follow along with me. I'll have my notes and vignettes on each chapter, commenting all the way. If anyone has read Tempest at Ox Hill and would like to comment at the bottom of this entry, feel free. I'll be comparing and contrasting the two books on Ox Hill after I've reviewed Welker's book. Who knows, I may also have to try to get my hands on Mauro's book as well some time down the road and revisit this topic.