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as of: 11/01/04

The X-Files: The Complete Sixth Season



out of 10


Chris Carter et al


David Duchovny .... Fox Mulder (1993-2001, 2002)
Gillian Anderson .... Dana Scully
Robert Patrick .... John Doggett (2000-2002)
Annabeth Gish .... Monica Reyes (2001-2002)
Mitch Pileggi .... Walter Skinner (1994-2002)
rest of cast listed alphabetically
William B. Davis .... Cigarette Smoking Man/CGB Spender

Regular guests:
Tom Braidwood .... Melvin Frohike (38 episodes)
Nicholas Lea .... Alex Krycek / Michael (24 episodes)
Bruce Harwood .... John Fitzgerald Byers (20 episodes)
James Pickens Jr. .... FBI Deputy Director Alvin Kersh (20 episodes)
Dean Haglund .... Richard 'Ringo' Langly (19 episodes)


The X-Files is my favorite show of all time. Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny play FBI special agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder. The two work on the X-Files, a section of the FBI dealing with the strange and unexplainable. Mulder is widely regarded as a brilliant nut case who has wasted his career. He graduated from Oxford, but he has been driven his entire life to find out what happened to his younger sister Samantha one day back when they were kids. Fox was in charge of babysitting her, when suddenly she was taken away by what he believes were aliens. A good part of the entire show involves this story arc and what really happened that night. Mulder tends to believe in strange phenomena as a result, and tries to get others to believe as well. This is why Dana Scully, a doctor and scientist, was initially brought on to work on X-Files with Mulder. The FBI wants someone working with him who can explain away these phenomena. Unfortunately for the FBI, and fortunately for Mulder and the rest of us, Scully soon comes to realize that Mulder might just be telling the truth, and the rest is history. This brilliant show lasted 7 very good to excellent seasons, and then was tarnished a bit by the last two less than good seasons.

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