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as of: 6/03/05

White Noise



out of 10


Geoffrey Sax


Michael Keaton .... Jonathan Rivers
Chandra West .... Anna Rivers
Deborah Kara Unger .... Sarah Tate
Ian McNeice .... Raymond Price
Sarah Strange .... Jane
Nicholas Elia .... Mike Rivers
Mike Dopud .... Detective Smits
Marsha Regis .... Police Woman
Brad Sihvon .... Minister
Mitchell Kosterman .... Work Man
L. Harvey Gold .... Business Man
Amber Rothwell .... Susie Tomlinson
Suzanne Ristic .... Mary Freeman


I came in wanting to love this movie. I had heard of E.V.P., or Electronic Voice Phenomena, in the past. It is the process whereby you can record the voices of the dead in typical static from such background sources as radios, televisions, or fans. In White Noise, Michael Keaton plays a distraught husband who has just lost his extremely hot wife in a car crash, and he eventually comes to believe in E.V.P. Unfortunately, the way E.V.P. is displayed in this movie is totally overblown and in some cases just wrong. For instance, I have never heard of anyone recording a dead person on videotape of static. That never has been a part of how E.V.P. works. The movie wasn't exactly what I thought it would be either, as Keaton eventually turns into to some sort of comic book do-gooder for the middle portion of the movie. Eventually Keaton's character is warned by a psychic not to meddle in things he doesn't understand, but he pushes on. This movie sort of turns Sci-Fi towards the end, with yet another instance of an X-Files episode feel (can you tell I'm a big fan of the X-Files?). I hated the ending, and there were more questions than answers. This is coming from someone who usually only needs one viewing to pick up the major points of all but the most confusing of movies. In any event, anyone who is interested in ghosts and how to contact them will want to check this out. I wouldn't recommend anything more than a rental. This one is a mediocre 5/10.


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