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as of: 10/24/04

The Wolf Man



out of 10


George Waggner


Claude Rains .... Sir John Talbot
Warren William .... Dr. Lloyd
Ralph Bellamy .... Col. Paul Montford (chief constable)
Patric Knowles .... Frank Andrews (Talbot gamekeeper)
Bela Lugosi .... Bela
Maria Ouspenskaya .... Maleva
Evelyn Ankers .... Gwen Conliffe
Lon Chaney Jr. .... Larry Talbot/Wolf Man (as Lon Chaney)


I love werewolf movies, and this is generally considered the movie that established a lot of the traditions of werewolf mythology in the popular conscience. Lon Chaney, Jr. started his long association with the Wolf Man in this movie. Evelyn Ankers is also a highlight of the film, as much for her looks as for her acting ability. Larry Talbot (Chaney) has come back to his ancestral home in England after a long stay in America. His older brother, the heir of the Talbot home, title, and grounds, has died, and Larry is to take over when his father dies. Unfortunately for Larry, he decides to visit the gypsies who have set up camp near town. He brings Gwen (Ankers) and her friend Jenny along as company, and when Jenny is attacked, Larry gets bitten by what he thinks is a wild beast. Only when he looks again at what he killed, it appears to be a man (Bela Lugosi, in one of his myriad roles in a Universal horror film). To make matters worse, his wound from the wolf bite heals in less than a day. I can't say enough about this movie. It is definitely one of the classics of the Werewolf genre. You can't go wrong watching this, although if you aren't a fan of the Universal movies such as Dracula and Frankenstein, I doubt you'll be a fan here either. This movie is available by itself, but I recommend The Wolf Man Legacy Collection, which also includes other Universal Wolf Man movies.

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