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as of: 6/28/05

The Serpent and the Rainbow



out of 10


Wes Craven


Bill Pullman .... Dennis Alan
Cathy Tyson .... Marielle Duchamp
Zakes Mokae .... Dargent Peytraud
Paul Winfield .... Lucien Celine
Brent Jennings .... Louis Mozart


I've always been fascinated by Voodoo and the making of Zombies. After having seen this movie, I'm motivated to learn more about the process, and to see just how closely the movie comes to portarying zombification and its effects correctly. I seemed to like The Serpent and the Rainbow more than your average viewer. Bill Pullman does a pretty good job as Harvard anthropologist Dennis Alan, and Cathy Tyson is also good as Haitian Doctor Marielle Duchamp. Rich American business interests have heard the tales of zombies being made in Haiti, a country which was in political turmoil in the mid-80's. They have contacted Dennis Alan to investigate the process and to bring back some of the Zombie powder which causes the living to look dead by suppressing the basic bodily processes such as breathing and pulminary activity. The idea is to take this poweder and use it for the benefit of mankind (and of course billions of dollars in profit) by using it as a sort of anesthesia. Unfortunately ideas and reality are rarely the same. The Haitian Voodoo priests who conrtol the process wish to guard the zombification process closely, and Pullman runs afoul of a particularly powerful man named Peytraud (played by Zakes Mokae). The movie is basically about Dennis Alan's fight to save (Doctor Duchamp) and himself from zombification. As I mentioned previously, I liked the movie, but the ending wasn't what I expected. I was sort of surprised when I read that in other reviews I've since seen. I'd recommend buying this movie, and I gave it a solid 7/10.


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