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as of: 10/24/04

The Mummy's Hand



out of 10


Christy Cabanne


Dick Foran .... Steve Banning
Peggy Moran .... Marta Solvani
Wallace Ford .... Babe Jenson
Eduardo Ciannelli .... The High Priest
George Zucco .... Professor Andoheb
Cecil Kellaway .... The Great Solvani
Charles Trowbridge .... Dr. Petrie
Tom Tyler .... Kharis, the Mummy
Sig Arno .... The Beggar
Eddie Foster .... Egyptian Starting Fight
Harry Stubbs .... Bartender
Michael Mark .... Bazaar Owner
Mara Tartar .... Girl Vendor
Leon Belasco .... Ali, Foreman of Digging Crew


This first sequel to The Mummy is nowhere near the quality of the first Dracula and Frankenstein sequels, but I still liked it. Dick Foran plays a famous archaeologist down on his luck, and Wallace Ford (of Freaks fame) plays his comic-relief sidekick. They manage to stumble on a broken vase which shows them the way to the tomb of the princess Ananka. Egyptians led by a High Priest (Ciannelli) try to stop them along the way. Cecil Kellaway is The Great Solvani, the man who finances the expedition, and Peggy Moran plays his daughter Marta. They come along, determined to see that their money is being well spent. Of course the Mummy is awakened and hijinks ensue. This one is worth a rental, but the only way I'd buy it is with The Mummy Legacy Collection.

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