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as of: 10/24/04

The Mummy (1932)



out of 10


Karl Freund


Boris Karloff .... Imhotep/Ardath Bey
Zita Johann .... Helen Grosvenor/Anckesen-Amon
David Manners .... Frank Whemple
Arthur Byron .... Sir Joseph Whemple
Edward Van Sloan .... Dr. Muller
Bramwell Fletcher .... Ralph Norton
Noble Johnson .... The Nubian
Kathryn Byron .... Frau Muller
Leonard Mudie .... Prof. Pearson
James Crane .... The Pharaoh
Henry Victor .... The Saxon warrior (scenes deleted)


Boris Karloff stars as the mummy Imhotep, brought back to life when the ancient Scroll of Thoth is read aloud near his mummified remains. Karloff poses as Ardath Bay, an Egyptian with unclear goals. David Manners, as in Dracula, is the hero, and Edward Van Sloan plays a very Van Helsing-like Doctor who knows an awful lot about the workings of Egyptian mummies. Zita Johann plays the love interest in the film...of several men. She is a half-Egyptian half-English woman who is the daughter of the British Governor of Sudan. However, since she is part Egyptian, her father allows her to stay in Cairo most of the year. Manners, Van sloan, and Johann meet under odd circumstances and soon Imhotep, in the human disguise of Ardath Bay, comes looking for the Scroll of Thoth. He wants to use it for a very specific purpose. As the documentary included on The Mummy Legacy Collection points out, this movie is very similar to Dracula. Many parallels can be drawn, and since Manners and Van Sloan basically reprise their roles it makes the movies seem even more similar. Karloff is awesome in this movie. He brings the Mummy character to life and carries the movie throughout. This is one of the Universal classics, and well worth a buy. I highly recommend getting it as part of the Legacy Collection, as usual.

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