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as of: 09/26/04

The Mothman Prophecies



out of 10


Mark Pellington


Richard Gere
David Eigenberg
Bob Tracey


This movie has a lot going for it as to whether or not I would like it when you consider my background. I'm a huge fan of Fortean phenomena, John Keel, The X-Files, and just anything strange. The Mothman Prophecies is based on the Keel book of the same name, and as more than one reviewer has mentioned, the story has an X-Files sort of feel to it. Instead of Mulder and Scully, however, you have John Klein (Gere), a Washington Post reporter whose wife dies after being taken to the hospital after a car accident. She does not die because of the accident. The doctors instead find out she has cancer, and that they wouldn't even have found it had she not gotten into the accident in the first place. While in the hospital, Klein's wife draws a strange moth like being she claims she saw just before the accident. After his wife's death, Klein (loosely based on Keel) suddenly finds himself hours away from Washington, D.C. in a small West Virginia town, and he would have had to drive at an insane speed to get there in the amount of time which has passed. Soon Klein finds that this town has been experiencing strange sightings of moth like beings, and his investigations into this phenomenon are shown. The climax of this movie is great. I really enjoyed this one and I think anyone who liked the X-Files or is interested in Fortean ideas should give this one a look.

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