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as of: 09/25/04

The Masque of the Red Death



out of 10


Roger Corman


Vincent Price
Hazel Court
Jane Asher


This is probably the best of the Roger Corman/Vincent Price Poe adaptations. It had a higher budget than Corman's other Poe films. The Masque of the Red Death takes Poe's short story of the dame name and fleshes it out a bit. Of course the Red Death plays a prominent role in the film. Price is Prince Prospero, an evil man who cares nothing about the plague currently ruining his country. He invites a chosen few to be locked inside his castle to ride out the storm of death raging on the outside. The movie doesn't strictly follow the short story, but it is an enjoyable film nevertheless. I didn't seem to like it as much as many at, and I'm not really sure why. I do have Poe's Complete Writings in one hardback book, and I love many of his stories and poems. I can at least recommend this as a buy because you can get it cheap as the first part of a "Midnite Movies Double Feature" which also contains The Premature Burial. The bottom line is if you like Price and Poe, you're sure to come away with something out of viewing this and the other Corman Poe films.

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