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as of: 05/30/05

The Forgotten



out of 10


Joseph Ruben


Julianne Moore .... Telly Paretta
Christopher Kovaleski .... Sam
Matthew Pleszewicz .... Sam at 5
Anthony Edwards .... Jim Paretta
Jessica Hecht .... Eliot
Linus Roache .... A Friendly Man
Gary Sinise .... Dr. Jack Munce
Dominic West .... Ash Correll
Katie Cooper .... Library Clerk
Scott Nicholson .... Cop
P.J. Morrison .... Cop
Robert Wisdom .... Carl Dayton
Tim Kang .... Agent Alec Wong
Kathryn Faughnan .... Lauren Correll
Alfre Woodard .... Det. Anne Pope


Many people who have reviewed The Forgotten seem to think it is an overlong X-Files episode, and I agree with this to an extent. But what's never mentioned is that X-Files was an awesome show, and comparisons to that show are a good thing IMHO. Moore, who carries this one, plays a grieving mother (Telly Paretta) who misses her son Sam, killed in a plane crash 14 months ago. Sinise plays her shrink Dr. Munce, trying to ease her pain. However, things soon take a turn for the weird when Moore comes home and pictures and videos of Sam are missing or blank. Her husband then tells her they never had a son, and Dr. Muntz backs him up. Telly, not believing any of this for one second, makes a run for it. She manages to find Sam's friend Lauren's father Ash Correll, played by Dominic West. When she convinces him he had a daughter and she was killed in the same plane crash as Sam, they try to piece together the puzzle. That's as far into the plot as I'll go, because anything more would be giving away too much. I enjoyed Moore's performance, and West was pretty good as well. I've heard that the extended Director's Cut with an alternate ending is better, but I haven't yet watched it. My grade of 6/10 is for the theatrical version. I may come back and review that when I get a chance. I would recommend this one to fans of the X-Files, but I think you're better off renting rather than buying cold to make sure you like it enough to buy.


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