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as of: 10/12/06

The Exorcist III



out of 10


William Peter Blatty


George C. Scott .... Lt. William 'Bill' Kinderman
Ed Flanders .... Father Joseph Kevin Dyer
Brad Dourif .... The Gemini Killer/James Venamun
Jason Miller .... Patient X (Father Damien Karras)
Nicol Williamson .... Father Paul Morning
Scott Wilson .... Dr. Temple


Fans of the Exorcist series of films know all about the original classic.  They also are aware that the sequel falls far short of the original.  Many find this third film to be a very underrated flick, and I have to agree.  George C. Scott is very solid in his role as Lt. Bill Kinderman, a member of the local police force who tracked the Gemini Killer 15 years or so earlier.  Now, Kinderman is seeing the Gemini Killer's pattern resurface, even though the Gemini Killer was executed years before.  At first, Lt. Kinderman suspects a copycat killer, but he is worried because no one other than the detectives and police who worked on the case should know about the special "trademarks" of this serial killer.  The truth of the matter eventually becomes clear to the detective, but it is much more bizarre than he could have ever imagined.

I found the Exorcist III to be a surprisingly enjoyable film, and I think it deserves more exposure and praise than it has gotten over the years.  Brad Dourif (the Chucky movies, HBO's Deadwood) is excellent as the Gemini Killer.  His talks with Bill Kinderman allow Dourif a chance to show off his acting skills, and the man can act!  The so-called famous "Hospital Hallway Scene" scared the living crap out of me even though I knew SOMETHING was going to happen.  Heck, this movie even has Patrick Ewing making a brief cameo as an angel!  Even though the exorcism at the end of the movie was added in at the request of the studio and wasn't really needed, I didn'r find that it detracted from the story so much that it runined the movie.  If you liked the original movie or if you liked Scott in the classic ghost story The Changeling, you should definitely enjoy this one.


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