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as of: 10/24/04

The Changeling



out of 10


Peter Medak


George C. Scott .... John Russell
Trish Van Devere .... Claire Norman
Melvyn Douglas .... Sen. Joseph 'Joe' Carmichel
Jean Marsh .... Joanna Russell
John Colicos .... De Witt
Barry Morse .... Parapsychologist
Madeleine Sherwood .... Mrs. Norman


I had heard a ton of praise for this movie before I went out and bought it, so I came in with high expectations. And those expectations were almost all met. In fact, I may have given this a 7 because I expected more than I got. I was on the fence between a 7 and an 8, but eventually went with the lower number. This was an excellent ghost story, and it produces some creepy feelings without being too in your face explicit with the scares. The story centers around George C. Scott as a music professor who has recently lost his wife and daughter in a tragic accident. Scott is great in this movie, and is really relied on to carry the film through to its climax. He comes through with flying colors. After Professor Russell moves to Seattle to get away from the recent tragedy, he soon finds that the house he is renting is haunted. And the ghost is trying to tell him something. It is up to the Professor and Ms. Norman (Van Devere), a worker at the Historical Society who is renting the house to Russell, to figure out the mystery. The climax is actually pretty cool, and I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who likes ghost stories or horror in general, especially those of you who prefer non-graphio horror like The Others or The Haunting (the original, not the CGI-filled remake). It was a well-written and well-acted movie all around.

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