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as of: 10/24/04

Tom Savini's Chill Factor: Episode 1: House Call



out of 10


Tom Savini

Tom Savini's Chill Factor


Bingo O'Malley
Maryanne Nagel
Jason Hoehnen


I thought this was a pretty solid debut for Chill Factor, Tom Savini's new DVD-only horror anthology series. Episode 1, entitled "House Call", is approximately 25 minutes long. In a 1930's town on a rainy night, a town doctor is forced to make a house call when a panicked mother telephones him about her son. He has forced her to tie him up to prevent him from hurting her or others. After the Doctor makes his visit, things are shown to be not quite what they seem. I only have two problems. One, Jason Hoehnen did not impress me at all. He admittedly did not have too many lines, so I will wait and see if he appears in anything else before passing total judgement, but this start wasn't too good. And secondly, the making of featurette is basically just a bunch of people kissing Savini's ass for half an hour. Don't get me wrong. I love Savini's makeup effects, and I'm also a huge fan of his Night of the Living Dead remake. But this isn't some 25th anniversary edition of a classic movie. It's the first horror short in an anthology series. Save the praise for the critics, and tell us more about what this series holds in store for the future.

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