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as of: 6/28/05




out of 10


Rupert Wainwright


Patricia Arquette .... Frankie Paige
Gabriel Byrne .... Father Andrew Kiernan
Jonathan Pryce .... Cardinal Daniel Houseman
Nia Long .... Donna Chadway
Thomas Kopache .... Father Durning
Rade Serbedzija .... Marion Petrocelli
Enrico Colantoni .... Father Dario
Dick Latessa .... Father Gianni Delmonico


I'm surprised to see that I rated Stigmata about the same as the users of IMDB. Normally, I'm the type who tends to be generally more positive in my reviews and see the good side of movies. There are always going to be people who hate a movie, so IMDB tends to have a more negative slant on some movies than I would. With that said, Stigmata was a controversial film for Catholics. I was raised Catholic, though I rarely go to Mass at this point in my life, and Stigmata, to put it mildly, paints the Catholic Church in a less than flattering light. I didn't really know how to feel about the movie religiously, to be honest. In the end, I did like the movie while being somewhat against the negative message it sends about the Catholic Church. Patricia Arquette stars (and is incredibly HOT) as Frankie Paige, a beautician who begins to exhibit signs of the stigmata, the wounds Jesus Christ received during his trip to his crucifixion. Frankie also seems to be able to speak and write in dead languages not used since the time of Christ. As her friends grow more and more worried, a Catholic priest names Father Andrew Kiernan (Gabriel Byrne) is called in. His function in the Church is to investigate claims of miracles such as crying statues, images in the form of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and others and the like. Father Kiernan immediately dismisses Frankie's claims because she is not Catholic, and the stigmata has never happened to anyone other than a devout Catholic. As the movie continues, we soon find out just why Frankie is behaving in this manner, and why a Cardinal in Rome wants to make sure the whole affair is covered up. I liked the movie in spite of its flaws, and I think I probably would've given it a higher ranking ranking if I weren't Catholic. I gave it a 6/10, and I wouldn't recommend it for more than a rental at first.


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