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as of: 10/11/06

Sleepaway Camp



out of 10


Robert Hiltzik


Felissa Rose .... Angela
Jonathan Tiersten .... Ricky
Karen Fields .... Judy
Christopher Collet .... Paul
Mike Kellin .... Mel
Katherine Kamhi .... Meg


WOAH!  That is one incredibly messed up ending!  I know most people focus on it, but again, CRAP!  I thought I had everything pretty easily figured out, but my jaw dropped when the final scene was revealed.  I guess you noticed I'm focusing on the ending.  That's because in all honesty Sleepaway Camp is a pretty poorly acted slasher flick with lots of dudes running around in shorts that are WAY the hell too tight for this heterosexual male.  I've had tighty whities looser than the shorts these kids wear. 

Anyway, back to the movie.  It slowly grew on me as it went on.  Poor Angela witnessed her family die in a boating accident when she was still a little girl, and she is less than well adjusted, needless to say.  She goes to Camp Arawak with her cousin Ricky, but things don't start off too well.  People keep picking on Angela because she's pretty quiet.  Ricky's old girlfriend Judy is a particularly nasty bitch to both of the cousins.  Some of the boys call her names to her face after trying to get her to go skinny dipping, and later they throw water balloons.  Despite this, Angela does have her good times too.  Ricky's friend Paul takes a liking to her, and she to him.  Plus the meanest kids do end up getting punished for their cruel taunts and tricks.

But that's not really why we're here, is it?  This is a SLASHER, and interspersed among all of the usual summer camp stuff a killer is on the loose.  We get to see the slicing and dicing through the eyes of said killer, though we're left to guess who it might be.  That part wasn't hard for me, and I doubt it was for anyone with even half a brain.  What you WON'T expect, of course, is THAT ENDING!  So we've come full circle.  If you are interested in silly B-movie fun with standard kills and bad acting, this one would be for you.  However, the ending makes it worthwhile for almost any horror fan to rent.  Don't go into this one expecting a masterpiece, but do rent (or possibly even buy) it for one of the most famous endings to a modern horror film.  I was lucky enough to go in blindly, and I'm glad I did.  If I had happened across the twist in my horror forum reading, it wouldn't have had nearly the impact it did.  This is a 5/10 movie (at best) without the final scene, but that one scene (and the curling iron shot...ouch!) made me bump this up to a schlocky 7/10.


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