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as of: 6/03/05

Shaun of the Dead



out of 10


Edgar Wright


Simon Pegg .... Shaun
Kate Ashfield .... Liz
Nick Frost .... Ed
Lucy Davis .... Dianne
Dylan Moran .... David
Nicola Cunningham .... Mary
Keir Mills .... Clubber 1 (as Kier Mills)
Matt Jaynes .... Clubber 2
Gavin Ferguson .... Football Kid
Peter Serafinowicz .... Pete


This movie, based on a sketch on the British comedy show "Spaced", was one of the funniest horror-comedies I've ever seen, falling just short of the legendary Young Frankenstein, IMHO. Simon Pegg plays Shaun, a disillusioned British slacker working in an electronics store with kids ten years younger than him. He is sleepwalking through life with his fat slacker buddy Ed (played hilariously by Nick Frost), and he even is neglecting his girlfriend Liz (Kate Ashfield), although they do go to The Winchester, everybody's favorite pub, quite often. Eventually Liz decides enough is enough and breaks up with Shaun, but that's about to become the least of Shaun's worries. Through the basic plot setup, the viewer notices that things are not quite right in London, far sooner than the oblivious Shaun and Ed do. You see, a space probe recently returned from space has crash-landed in southern England, releasing a toxin which is killing people and causing them to rise as zombies. After what seems like an eternity, our fearless duo decides (against the advice of the news anchors I might add) to head out of their flat, pick up Liz and Shaun's Mom, head to the Winchester to hole up, and kick major Zombie butt along the way. This movie was the brainchild of Pegg and director Edgar Wright. These guys are both huge fans of Romero's movies and zombie movies in general, and it shows in the way they pay homage to the great films of the past. I normally don't particularly like British humor, but this one was funny all the way through, with Nick Frost in particular causing me to laugh. Pegg and Wright even managed to get a cameo appearance in Romero's new Land of the Dead. The master himself reportedly enjoyed Shaun of the Dead immensely. I recommend anyone even remotely interested in comedy or horror should own this one. It's that good. I gave it a solid 9/10.


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