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as of: 4/24/05

Session 9



out of 10


Brad Anderson

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David Caruso .... Phil
Stephen Gevedon .... Mike
Paul Guilfoyle .... Bill Griggs
Josh Lucas .... Hank
Peter Mullan .... Gordon Fleming
Brendan Sexton III .... Jeff
Charley Broderick .... Security Guard
Lonnie Farmer .... Doctor (voice)
Larry Fessenden .... Craig McManus
Jurian Hughes .... Mary Hobbes (voice)
Sheila Stasack .... Wendy (voice)


Session 9 is an excellent movie IMHO. I bought it last year some time and I just never had the chance to watch it until now. The basic idea is that a failing Hazmat company is hired to clean up an old abandoned mental institution, and then strange things start to happen to the five guys working on the place. There is some tension in the group from the beginning. Gordon (Peter Mullan) has just had a new baby, and as head of the Hazmat Co., he needed this job to stay afloat. Phil (David Caruso), his right-hand man, hates Hank (Josh Lucas), for stealing his girlfriend Amy. The movie is filmed at a real-life abandoned mental institution, Danvers State. The place is creepy as hell, and the building itself lends an air of dread to the whole movie. As the five guys start working on the abandoned building to clean out the asbestos, Mike (played by co-writer Steve Gevedon) starts listening to different taped sessions between a Doctor at the mental institution, and Mary Hobbes, an inmate there. There are nine sessions which have been taped, hence the name of the movie. What is revealed in that ninth session sent a chill up my spine. It was an interesting little twist that made the events of the movie all the more frightening. I want to warn people whose idea of a great horror movie is Alien vs. Predator. This movie is slow-paced, and the on-screen violence is kept to an effective minimum. With that said, it is slow-paced for a reason, and that reason is to build the dread and wonder slowly to a crescendo for the payoff at the end. There are clues scattered through the movie about what is going to happen, and they tie together nicely at the end. I would say buy this without a second thought, but since it is so slow-paced, it won't be for everyone. If you liked The Shining or The Changeling, buy this immediately. If you didn't like either, this one is still worth a rental.

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