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as of: 6/28/05

Return of the Living Dead Part II



out of 10


Ken Wiederhorn


Michael Kenworthy .... Jesse Wilson
Thor Van Lingen .... Billy Crowley
Jason Hogan .... Johnny
James Karen .... Ed
Thom Mathews .... Joey
Suzanne Snyder .... Brenda
Marsha Dietlein .... Lucy Wilson


This one isn't nearly the movie the original is, but since it was a big part of my childhood horror viewing, I do have fond memories of Part II. This movie is pretty much all comedy, with scenes as varies as one zombie learning he needs to watch where he puts his hands climbing out of the grave, to a severed hand flicking someone off, all the way to a "Michael Jackson" zombie dancing around. Michael Kenworthy stars as an innovative little brat who seems to be one step ahead of the zombies...and everyone else. James Karen and Thom Mathews reprise their general roles as bumbling idiots, although not the same characters specifically. The Army tries to get rid of the chemical which brings back the dead (Trioxin 245) once and for all, but thanks to a pot-smoking driver and some bad luck with a strap on the back of a truck, a few barrels drop off and the Army is facing a nasty situation again. Predictably, the local juvenile delinquents manage to open the canister and release the Trixin gas. Naturally, the canister is located in a tunnel right next to a cemetery, and once it rains all hell breaks loose. If you are a fan of the Romero zombie movies and zombie movies in general (I am), this is a buy. For others, I'd probably make it a rental. It gets a 5/10 from me.


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