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as of: 6/14/05

A Nightmare On Elm Street



out of 10


Wes Craven


John Saxon .... Lt. Thompson
Ronee Blakley .... Marge Thompson
Heather Langenkamp .... Nancy Thompson
Amanda Wyss .... Tina Gray
Jsu Garcia .... Rod Lane
Johnny Depp .... Glen Lantz
Charles Fleischer .... Dr. King
Joseph Whipp .... Sgt. Parker
Robert Englund .... Freddy Krueger


I had never watched this slasher classic until now, and I regret not seeing it sooner. For some reason, although I love horror movies, slashers have not been my thing. I'm trying to change that. I watched Halloween last fall, and this holds up pretty well against that classic. It asks a simple question. What if the monsters in your dreams could do you bodily harm? Guess what? Freddy Krueger can, and he's back for revenge after being burned alive. Robert Englund first plays the famous red-and-green sweatered villain with the bladed hand in this film, and it spawned numerous sequels. Heather Langenkamp does a great job as protagonist Nancy, trying desperately to stay awake and avoid Freddy's clutches. Johnny Depp makes his debut in this film as well as Nancy's boyfriend Glen. While Wes Craven had done other famous horror films before this one (Last House on the Left, The Hills Have Eyes), this movie changed the genre, and the rules that go hand in hand with it. Krueger has become one of the most famous bogeymen ever, and horror will never be the same. This movie is a must-have in every horror collection. Like Halloween and Friday the 13th, it is required slasher viewing, and like those other films, the original is much better than all of the unending sequels. Buy this film. I give it a genre-redefining 9/10.


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