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as of: 7/01/05

Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas



out of 10


Henry Selick


Danny Elfman .... Jack Skellington (singing), Barrel, Clown with the Tearaway Face (voice)
Chris Sarandon .... Jack Skellington (voice)
Catherine O'Hara .... Sally, Shock (voice)
William Hickey .... Evil Scientist (voice)
Glenn Shadix .... Mayor (voice)
Paul Reubens .... Lock (voice)
Ken Page .... Oogie Boogie (voice)
Ed Ivory .... Santa (voice)


Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas is not only the first full-length stop motion animated film ever made. It is also an excellent film period, featuring the haunting gothic settings of Tim Burton's wonderfully twisted mind and Danny Elfman's delightful score. I'm not a fan of musicals per se, but this one works. It seems to be an interesting cross between a typical Tim Burton motion picture, an animated classic on the order of Disney's "Legend of Sleepy Hollow" short, and the musicals so popular in bygone days. The movie tells the story of Halloweentown and its frightful leader Jack Skellington, a gangly skeleton. With the residents' help, Jack makes Halloween a rousing success each and every year. But something's wrong with Jack. He feels something is missing. No one seems to notice except Sally, a woman created in the same vein as Frankenstein's monster. Sally has many seams, and she uses them to her advantage when need be. After wandering for a day, Jack finds a magical grove of trees representing the major U.S. holidays such as Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween, St. Patrick's Day, and most importantly ...Christmas!! Jack unwittingly stumbles into Christmas Town and loves what he sees. He decides to do Christmas this year, with unpredictable results. I recommend this movie to any fan of Disney and Looney Tunes cartoons, horror fans, Tim Burton fans, and even musical fans. In other words, this one has the potential to attract a wide cross-section of the movie-going public. I give it an excellent 9/10. It's one of those films I think everybody should see.


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