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as of: 10/12/06

Near Dark



out of 10


Kathryn Bigelow


Adrian Pasdar .... Caleb Colton
Jenny Wright .... Mae
Lance Henriksen .... Jesse Hooker
Bill Paxton .... Severen
Jenette Goldstein .... Diamondback
Tim Thomerson .... Loy Colton
Joshua John Miller .... Homer


I wasn't exactly sure what to expect with Near Dark.   I knew Bill Paxton (Frailty) and Lance Henriksen (Millennium) were in it.  I knew it was supposedly a vampire flick.  And I had heard nothing but good things about it.  What I got was not exactly horror, but it WAS a very good movie.  Interestingly, the "V" word is never even mentioned throughout the course of the film.  Teenager Caleb Colton (Adrian Pasdar) is out late one night looking to have a good time.  What he finds instead is the innocent-looking and beautiful Meg (Jenny Wright).  When he tries to kiss her after stopping his truck to drop her off, she gets a little frisky and nips him on the neck.  That's bad news for Caleb, who is quickly turning into fried redneck as he attempts to stumble home to the farm.  As his dad and sister run to rescue him, a Winnebago swoops in from out of nowhere and someone pulls Caleb inside.  It's Meg and her "family", seemingly led by Jesse (Lance Henriksen) but including his "wife" Diamondback (Goldstein), psychopath Severen (Bill Paxton), and the old man trapped in a boy's body Homer (Miller).  Caleb must choose to join this new family and lose his own by killing a human and feeding...or else.  What is he going to do?

I think Bill Paxton stole the show when he appeared on screen.  He plays his gore-loving psychopath Severn almost gleefully.  The others do a solid job in supporting roles, especially Jenny Wright and Adrian Pasdar.  The only actor I didn't particularly care for was Joshua Miller's Homer.  He seemed like a whiny little bitch, although to be fair much the same can be said of Kirsten Dunst's child vampire in Interview with the Vampire.  It must be tough being an undead rugrat!  Though this seems to be more of an action type road trip of a movie, horror fans, especially those who love vampires, should find this one fun.  The bar scene in particular was great fun...except for the bar patrons, that is!  Go out and buy this one.  It definitely belongs in any serious horror fan's collection.


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