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as of: 10/11/06

Let's Scare Jessica To Death



out of 10


John D. Hancock


Zohra Lampert .... Jessica
Barton Heyman .... Duncan
Kevin O'Connor .... Woody
Gretchen Corbett .... The Girl
Alan Manson .... Sam Dorker
Mariclare Costello .... Emily


This movie can be interpreted in many different ways, both from what I've read on message boards and from my own personal viewing.  Jessica (Zohra Lampert) has been recently released from a mental institution in New York City.  She apparently sees people who aren't there and hears voices.  Now she and her husband Duncan (Barton Heyman), along with their friend Woddy (Kevin O'Connor), are heading out to the country to start a new life.  We quickly learn that Duncan sold everything to buy the old farm house they now live in.  The three friends find a redheaded woman squatting in the house, and she proves friendly enough that they ask her to stay.  From this point on things get weird.  I'll spare you the details so as not to spoil the story, but it suffices to say that the audience is definitely left to wonder what is real and what isn't.

I liked the ideas behind this story, but the synthesizer score kept jolting me out of the movie and back into reality.  In fact, due to the music of that decade, I find many 70's horror movies to be a little difficult to watch.  Despite the ambiguity of the story and the music, I found that I enjoyed this one.  I'd recommend this as a buy for most horror fans.  The only people I would hesitate to encourage to give this movie a look would be those who like their horror fast and furious.  This is more of a slowly unfolding story of haunting/insanity that takes its time to fully develop, but if you stick it out the last act really pays off, IMHO.


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