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as of: 09/24/04




out of 10


Lewis Gilbert


Aidan Quinn

Kate Beckinsale

Anthony Andrews



Let's get one thing straight right away. Kate Beckinsale is hot! But I didn't really buy this DVD because of her. I had placed Haunted on my Amazon wish list long ago and in a fit of buying ghost movies, I picked it up. This movie was partly what I expected, but I admit that there were some parts I definitely did NOT expect. In this movie, Kate Beckinsale gets naked. Or more precisely, her body double does. Kate apparently has a no nudity clause in her contract, and has never appeared in the nude. That's a shame, but the body double ain't bad! I can't really tell you about the other unexpected parts without ruining the movie. The basic plot is that Professor David Ash (Aidan Quinn), a student of the occult and mediums after his twin sister died in a tragic drowning years before, gets a letter from the nanny of a British family who claims spirits are tormenting her. Ash, always trying to expose fake mediums and the like as frauds, decides to take up this challenge as well. After he arrives, he begins to see and hear strange things that make him wonder if he is going insane. This is a nice little pick-up, and is definitely worth a rental, if not a buy.

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