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as of: 10/26/06

Friday The 13th



out of 10


Sean S. Cunningham


Betsy Palmer .... Mrs. Pamela Voorhees
Adrienne King .... Alice Hardy
Harry Crosby .... Bill
Laurie Bartram .... Brenda
Jeannine Taylor .... Marcie Cunningham
Kevin Bacon .... Jack Burrell
Mark Nelson .... Ned Rubenstein
Robbi Morgan .... Annie
Peter Brouwer .... Steve Christy


I'll admit it.  I'm a self-professed horror nut and I've never for one reason or another been able to sit through Friday the 13th in its entirety.  I'd always flip to it in the middle somewhere, and I'd never seen the beginning until now.  I finally decided that this Halloween was the time to go out and see some of the classic movies I hadn't picked up on DVD.  This one was a priority.  Almost any horror fan can tell you the story of Camp Crystal Lake and Jason Voorhees.  What some younger horror fans might not remember is the identity of the killer in this first installment of the lengthy series of movies.  With all of that said, I'll try to keep this short.  Anything I could say here has already been said better somewhere else.

First, I always find it funny to see Kevin Bacon in this movie.  The scene where he gets his always makes me laugh for whatever reason.  The way the camera is always shown from the perspective of the killer was also interesting, though this was not an original idea, with Black Christmas among those movies that predated Friday.  In several instances, soon to be victims are shown to immediately recognize the killer with an offhand "oh, it's you" before taking a knife to the throat or gut.  First time watchers are left wondering who the mysterious killer is before the big reveal at the end.  Speaking of the end, it was almost inevitable that a sequel was going to come out of this one.  I just wonder if anyone involved realized just how many sequels it was going to end up being.

This isn't the greatest horror of all time, and honestly wasn't even the greatest movie of the 80's by a long shot, but Friday the 13th is one movie that all seasoned horror fans should have in their collections.  The sequels are a bit of a mixed bag, but the original has achieved classic status.


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