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as of: 10/24/04




out of 10


James Whale


Colin Clive .... Dr. Henry Frankenstein
Mae Clarke .... Elizabeth (Henry's fiance)
John Boles .... Victor Moritz
Boris Karloff .... The Monster (also as ?)
Edward Van Sloan .... Dr. Waldman


Frankenstein, along with Dracula, The Wolf Man, The Mummy, The Invisible Man, and The Creature From The Black Lagoon, makes up one of Universal's main monsters. This movie is a classic of the horror genre, and James Whale's direction, Colin Clive's "It's Alive!", and Karloff's portrayal of the monster are legendary. This is loosely based on Mary Shelley's famous novel of the same name, although this Frankenstein's monster is much, much different than the intelligent, speaking creature of the novel. Karloff's monster can only grunt, and walks very stiffly. However, when most people think of the monster, Karloff's is the version which comes to mind. Dr, Henry Frankenstein is about to get married, but his fiance is worried. Henry has been working alone in his laboratory for many months, and is writing her less and less. She enlists the help of Victor Moritz (John Boles) and Dr. Waldman (Van Sloan) to bring Henry to his senses. They are too late, because Henry has already created his "modern Prometheus" and all hell ensues, at least as far as 1930's censorship would allow. I won't tell you how it ends if you've never seen it, but it suffices to say that the monster might or might not be destroyed. Everyone with an interest in horror movies should check this out. I especially enjoy the Universal movies around Halloween. The movie is available by itself, but I highly recommend The Frankenstein Legacy Collection instead.

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