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as of: 10/24/04

Dracula's Daughter



out of 10


Lambert Hillyer


Otto Kruger .... Dr. Jeffrey Garth
Gloria Holden .... Countess Marya Zaleska
Marguerite Churchill .... Janet Blake
Edward Van Sloan .... Prof. Von Helsing
Gilbert Emery .... Sir Basil Humphrey
Irving Pichel .... Sandor
Halliwell Hobbes .... Const. Sgt. Hawkins
Billy Bevan .... Const. Albert
Nan Grey .... Lili
Hedda Hopper .... Lady Esme Hammond
Claud Allister .... Sir Aubrey Vail
Edgar Norton .... Hobbs (Sir Basil's butler)
E.E. Clive .... Sgt. Wilkes


Gloria Holden stars in this Dracula sequel as the daughter of the count. This movie picks up immediately after the original, with some bumbling coppers finding Van Helsing (Edward Van Sloan reprising the role) with the body of "a man with a stake through his heart". Naturally the police believe Van Helsing has committed murder, and they arrest him and bring the body to the station. Unfortunately, Dracula's daughter has heard of his death, hypnotizes the lone guard, and steals Dracula's body. Van Helsing telephones his friend, Dr. Garth (Otto Kruger), and they begin to prepare a defense for his inevitable trial. Garth comes into contact with the mysterious woman, and he soon finds she has some secrets. This is a solid sequel to Dracula, but not on par with Bride of Frankenstein as far as sequels go. It is a solid addition to anyone's library. As usual, I recommend The Dracula Legacy Collection boxed set as opposed to the single DVD.

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