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as of: 10/24/04




out of 10


Tod Browning


Bela Lugosi .... Count Dracula
Helen Chandler .... Mina Seward
David Manners .... Jonathan Harker
Dwight Frye .... Renfield
Edward Van Sloan .... Prof. Abraham Van Helsing
Herbert Bunston .... Dr. Jack Seward
Frances Dade .... Lucy Weston
Joan Standing .... Briggs (a nurse)
Charles K. Gerrard .... Martin


This is the movie that started it all for Universal. The beginning of over a decade of fun horror films which pretty much defined how future generations would view these monsters. Bela Lugosi is widely considered the best Dracula ever on the big screen, and his famous accent helped shape future versions of the Count. Edward Van Sloan's portrayal of Professor Abraham Van Helsing is also legendary. Like Frankenstein, Dracula was based on a novel, and also like Frankenstein, the screenplay did not really follow the novel too closely. Instead, it was based on a play which had been based on the novel. The brilliant (and overlooked in his own time) Tod Browning directed, although his use of the camera was mostly stationary. The movie does not include a score either, except for the famous Swan Lake music over the credits at the very beginning. As others around the web have noted, the ending is a little weak. Still, this movie is a must-see for horror movie fanatics. I won't even go into the plot here. Just see this movie. As always, your best bet on DVD is The Dracula Legacy collection.

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