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as of: 09/27/04

Dog Soldiers



out of 10


Neil Marshall


Sean Pertwee
Kevin McKidd
Emma Cleasby


This is a little-known but pretty good British horror film featuring werewolves. A British squad is sent on a training mission in the Scottish wilderness and is supposed to go up against an elite British Special Ops force. The soldiers eventually meet up with the Spec Ops boys, but not in the manner they expected. Instead of fighting them in a mock battle, they come across the leader of the team scared out of his wits and surrounded by the bloody remains of his team. Apparently some kind of wild animals had torn them to shreds. After running to an abandoned house and meeting up with a zoologist who claims they are facing werewolves, the British squad soon learns the horrible truth as the zoologist's claim is shown to be all too real. I really liked this movie, and watched it and Ginger Snaps back to back. They both make great additions to the werewolf sub-genre. The heavy British accents might scare some away, but I didn't have too tough of a time and most of the movie features a lot of bloody action anyway. This is definitely worth a buy for werewolf fans, and at the very least a rental by the rest of us.

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