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Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, & Henry Lincoln

Holy Blood, Holy Grail


Holy Blood, Holy Grail is a book based more on plausabilities rather than probabilities, and people need to remember this when reading it. At no point in the book do the authors claim this is the way things happened.

With that out of the way, let me attempt to describe the book without giving away the secret for those who want to read it. Holy Blood, Holy Grail is the book which gave Dan Brown the idea for the widly popular The Da Vinci Code. The authors started out researching the mysteries surrounding the small French Parish at Rennes le Chateau, Bernard Saunierem the Priest who lived there, and his construction of a lavish church which contained many strange sayings and much symbolism. But symbolism of what? And what secrets was Rennes le Chateau hiding? What the authors finally piece together may astound you. The mystery deepens to include a shadowy organization called the Priory of Sion, their sub-group the Knights Templar, and the Holy Grail. Who were the members of the Priory? Why did they create the Knights Templar? What secret or secrets were they hiding? And why did the Catholic Church want to keep that secret buried? And what is the Holy Grail? The authors proceed to answer these questions, although their research and conclusions have been heavily criticized by professional historians. This is an interesting book, although it is almost definitely not true. It makes an interesting read prior to reading The Da Vinci Code.

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