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by John H. Gill

With Eagles to Glory: Napoleon and His German Allies in the 1809 Campaign


This is an interesting book in that it is not a campaign study of Napoleon's 1809 Campaign. Instead, as the subtitle indicates, John Gill follows major German members of the Confederation of the Rhine (members of the Rheinbund, making them French allies) during there parts of the Campaign. While there are a lot of maps, most do not show troop movements, which sometimes makes it difficult to follow the action. I would recommend finding a good title on the Campaign as a whole, detailing the battles of Eckmuhl, Aspern-Essling, Wagram, and Znaim, before reading this account. With that said, the book does an excellent job of detailing how each key member's Army was raised, which tactics they used, and which battles they fought in throughout the campaign. This book is a wargamer's and modeler's dream, with charts showing the various colors and facings of each of the Regiments for each contingent. I highly recommend this book. It was an informative and enjoyable read. 534 pp.

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