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Crucible of War: The Seven Years' War and the Fate of Empire in British North America, 1754-1766


This is quite simply THE book to own on The French & Indian War in America. I want to thank Rich Hamilton of the Colonial Campaigns Club (wargamers gaming early American wars) for pointing this book out to me. He used it to help him design his PC wargame for HPS Simulations entitled The French & Indian War. In this meaty book, Fred Anderson delves deeply into the struggle between England and France for control of the North American continent. He shows that the defeat of France caused the tenuous balance of power to collapse and he points to this power vacuum, and England's subsequent attempts to pay for this costly war by taxing America, as the main reason for the ensuing separation of England and her colonies. In other words, as long as the English colonists' had "the French threat" hanging over their heads, they would look to England for guidance and protection. As soon as this threat was gone, however, the colonists started to look at England as the main threat. In fact a good portion of the book is spent on the difficulties of maintaining armies in the field in North America, and the later political efforts in England to pay for the war after the fact. In summation, if you have ever had an interest in the North American portion of the Seven Years War, BUY THIS BOOK. You will enjoy it. I know I did greatly. 912 pp.

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