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by Carol Mack

A Field Guide to Demons, Fairies, Fallen Angels and Other Subversive Spirits


Updated 5/17/05 This book is basically a beginner's guide to demons, know the drill. As such it does a fairly good job of giving the reader a set of monsters from a wide variety of cultures. It splits up the demons according to locations, which include Water, Mountain, Forest, Desert, Domicile, and Psyche. Each demon is named, sometimes accompanied by a picture and an introduction, and then this is followed by Lore and Dispelling & Disarming Techniques. The whole book is written fairly tongue in cheek, but I enjoyed it. It's a book that you can simply thumb through randomly and still enjoy it. It does not have to be read cover to cover. Another important aspect is the book's bibliography, which will give students of these various creatures a treasure trove of books with slightly narrower subjects. Overall, I'd give this one a solid 7/10. 296 pp.

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