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The Journal of Military History

I managed to gain access to quite a few old articles from the Journal of Military History over the Holidays, and this includes articles on the Civil War written to scholarly standards by professional historians. I feel like I've hit the mother lode, if you'll pardon my use of a mining term. I'll be going through these articles over the next few months (and I'm sure this will extend to years given all of my other interests), but I hope to make some comments on the ones I find more interesting and ask questions of those of you more knowledgeable than myself in given subjects.

I apologize in advance, but this paragraph is going to attempt to bring together some random thoughts and I fear in a pretty disjointed way. In a similar vein to my acquisition of the articles mentioned in my opening paragraph, I've picked up quite a few back issues of Civil War History in a bit of an attempt to gauge how historians' views of certain topics have changed over the years. The work of Dimitri Rotov and Kevin Levin (quite similar in goal if not in methods and topics) to change the way their topics of interest are popularly perceived ties into this as well. I've also noticed several other bloggers express interest in going back to the primary sources to challenge popular views on their own rather than meekly accept what is written, including author Eric Wittenberg. The historiography of the Civil War is in many ways as fascinating as the study of the war itself. The main point I wanted to throw out in this rather rambling paragraph is to mention my newfound interest in obtaining more articles from scholarly journals for the reasons discussed above. The articles from the Journal of Military History are just the tip of the iceberg, as the links to scholarly journals with Civil War content on Drew Wagenhoffer's blog can attest. I would be very interested to hear how others obtain these articles (copying at libraries, JSTOR access, purchasing back issues of these journals, etc.). If you do collect articles from scholarly journals in some manner, by all means let me know!


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Over the winter break from college I've been utilizing (abusing, really) my school's interlibrary loan service. The library's webpage has a link to an American history database where I can search among tens of thousands of articles. Whenever I come across a Civil War primary source, or anything else that interests me, the database has a link to the ILL. It's a great convenience and the articles usually show up in a few days. There are also a lot of dissertations listed; I found one by Lawrence Keisler (sp?) that is a history of the Union 2nd Corps!

Thanks Will. Drew W. mentioned that he does it this way as well in a response over on his blog. My biggest problems are that I graduated from college about 5 years ago and I live in a town of 1,000 people without a library. Needless to say, it'll cost me if I sign up at a library system like the St. Louis Public Library in order to be able to use ILL. That looks to me to be the best choice though at this point.

Brett S.

I forgot to mention that the journal Louisiana History is a great source for articles on occupied New Orleans, Port Hudson, the Red River Campaign and just about anything else related to Civil War Louisiana

Thanks again Will. I'll make a note of it!


did you ever end up getting that big ass book published by the Center for LA Studies that is a collection of old CW military articles from LH journal (ed. by Art Bergeron)? One of my favorite books of all time..LOL.



No I didn't. Where is that one available from (if it even is anymore)? I'm going to search for it now.


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