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American Conquest: Divided Nation Blurb at The Wargamer

Apparently American Conquest: Divided Nation now has a release date of late January 2006, at least in the United States. Here's a little blurb from Sean Drummy's Buying Guide at The Wargamer:

There has also been some recent updates on American Conquest - Divided Nation, the sequel to 2003's RTS, which we first heard about back in late April. CDV reportedly has “entered the QA phase and are putting the final polished on the title.” As it stands, the title will include a hefty pack of 50 missions that is sure to keep gamer busy. This American Civil War strategy title will focus mostly on the campaigns of Lee "Stonewall" Jackson and Grant, with brief tangents on the Texas War of Independence and what became known as the Battle of New Orleans. Expect American Conquest – Divided Nation to be shipping out to stores the last week of January 2006.
Here are some screen shots if you're interested and you've never seen the game: