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Johnny Reb III: ACW Miniatures Rules

I've always been interested in miniatures gaming, but I've never had the chance to really check it out...until now. Due to a post by Scott Mingus (an award-winning scenario designer of ACW miniatures) at Eric Wittenberg's CWDG forums, I recently ordered the Johnny Reb III ACW regimental miniatures rules set from Doug Kline at Battlefield Terrain Concepts. I've also ordered back issues of Charge!, the official newsletter of the Johnny Reb Gaming Society, and signed up as a member of the Society. I hope to post periodically on the game as I learn the rules, and I'll also have brief summaries of Charge! similar to what I do for the other Civil War magazines I read.

Scott Mingus has also offered to be a guest blogger at this site from time to time. He is a very active presence on the Johnny Reb III Yahoo Group as well, and I've started to read the thousands of posts there while I wait for the core rules and the back issues of the Charge! newsletter. If there are any miniatures gamers out there reading this, I'd love to hear about your experiences.

View a screenshot of Scott (in the white shirt) in action overseeing his Chantilly/Ox Hill Scenario.

The last portion of miniatures gaming is of course the units and terrain needed to play. I'll be waiting for awhile before I get to this part (I'll need to review and learn the rules), but for now The Last Square based out of Madison, WI seems to be a good place to purchase miniatures and terrain online. Johnny Reb uses a 15mm scale, and that's what I plan to use when I start purchasing figures. Buying painted figures can be cost-prohibitive, so I believe I'll try my hand at painting my own. Stay tuned for much more on this in the future...


Welcome to the wonderful world of miniature gaming! JRIII isn't that bad, but I wouldn't have started with it.


What are some good beginner's rules? I've looked at Fire 'N Fury as well.

Brett S.

Short answer:

F&F is quite good indeed. Volley and Bayonet looks promising as well. I have some other good free rules around as well somewhere.

For skirmishes: Gaslight or The Sword and the Flame.

Very abstract: Phil Barker (of WRG and DBx fame)'s rules.

Introduction: http://www.juniorgeneral.org/index.html#19cent