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Civil War Boardgames on www.boardgamegeek.com

After reading Edwin's comments about Civil War board games, I managed to find a Board Game Geek "Geek List" that is a great starting point for people just getting into board wargaming the Civil War. It doesn't cover miniatures, but it's a start. I have the three volumes of the Seven Days from MultiMan Publishing's Brigade Series of games, formerly made by The Gamers. I also have "Stonewall Jackson's Way", a part of the "Great Campaigns of the Civil War" series formerly of Avalon Hill, but now sold by MultiMan Publishing.


OK, I aquired a copy of the Bull Run Game. I must say it looks rather good but as usual I am struggling with the commmand interface (and I lost the first scenario). Wierd thing is, if you play a low level commander, you still see the entire battlefield, something illogical to me.


The limits of how far you can move the camera can be changed to make it much less. I suggest that you try the HITS (Headquarters in the Saddle) scenarios at the Harper's Ferry Arsenal (www.brettschulte.net/MMGACW/). These scenarios greatly limit the action of the camera and force you to behave as a Brigade commander would have, by galloping around to get a better vantage point.


Thanks! Also, I should read the manual of course ;-)